Which Acne Scar Treatment is Best for You?

Scarring is a primary concern among people with acne. It’s estimated that up to 95% of acne suffers develop some degree of scarring on their face. We know that people we meet tend to focus more on facial scars. Those with scars are less likely to be considered attractive, confident, happy, healthy, and successful. They are more likely to be perceived as insecure and shy compared with those who have clear skin.

How many options do you think are available to treat acne scars?

Well, research has been done on at least 13 treatments that dermatologists can use alone or combined. These include ablative, nonablative, fractionated, and nonfractionated lasers; dermabrasion; chemical peels; needling; subcision; radiofrequency; stem cell therapy; fat transplantation; platelet-rich plasma; and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

Wait! There are at least 5 dozen treatments that can be bought without a prescription, and many “natural” treatments.

With so many options, it’s impossible to know which is best for you unless you first discuss your options with an experienced dermatologist.

To learn more about your options for treating acne scars, contact Aesthetic Dermatology and Skin Cancer: Jeffrey H. Binstock, M.D. Dr. Binstock, USCF Fellowship Trained and Stephanie Cullinane, PA-C will answer all your questions. Call our office in Mill Valley 415 383 5475.

Which Acne Scar Treatment is Best for You?Jeffrey H. Binstock, MD is a Fellow of:

Which Acne Scar Treatment is Best for You? Which Acne Scar Treatment is Best for You? Which Acne Scar Treatment is Best for You?

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