Excel V™ “liver spot”

Brown Spots

Courtesy Cutera

Photodynamic Therapy

Brown Spots

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A number of different procedures are available to treat brown spots. To learn more about the various procedures, click on the links below.

Brown spots or liver spots are another common aesthetic complaint. These occur over the face, neck, chest, and hands. Excel V™ laser treatment is an excellent treatment for individual as well as groups of liver spots in any location in one and occasionally two sessions. Fraxel® Restore is our favorite global approach, as along with treating brown spots and melesma, Fraxel improves fine lines, texture, tone, and scarring via a series of three to five sessions, all with little downtime. Portrait Plasma Skin Resurfacing treatment will reduce brown spots in addition to improving lines, wrinkles, and scarring, but these entail significant downtime.

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